Fee Schedule

The Morgantown AES Federal Credit Union fee schedule is effective as of January 1, 2013The Board of Director determines and approves all fees.

Share Draft Fees: 
For each check or ACH item that has caused insufficient funds (NSF). NSF's occurs when the account is overdrawn. If the check is not covered by 2:00 p.m. the following business day, then the check will be returned as NSF to the payee. If the ACH item is not covered by 9:00 a.m. the following business day, then the item will be returned as NSF to the payee. $25.00 / per item
Returned Deposit items $20.00 / per item
Stop Payment of ACH or Check/Share Draft - 1st Request $7.50 / per item/group
Stop Payment of ACH or Check/ Share Draft - Subsequent  Request      $20.00 / per item / group  
Reconcile Account $10.00/per hour
Temporary Checks/Share Drafts - 4 Checks/Share Drafts/Per Page

$ 1.00

Copy of paid draft                                                                                                                          $2.00 / per copy  -   $6.00 / to fax

*Overdraft Protection Transfer is offered on the share draft accounts (003). However, there are limitations due to Regulation D. Each member is only allowed to have 6 automatic transfers per month without being charged a fee. These automatic transfers include: Overdraft Protection Transfers, Flex-Teller OnlineTransfers, and Audio Resonse Transfers.

If a member has an overdraft after the 6 automatic transfers , the NSF Overdraft Fee will be charged.

 VISA ATM/Debit Card and ATM Transactions:
Replacement Cards (VISA ATM/Debit Card):
Exchange of Old Card or First Lost/Stolen Card Free
Subsequent Exchange of Old Card or Lost/Stolen Card $10.00
Debit Card Rush Order $30.00
Replacement Cards (VISA Credit Card):
Exchange of Old Card or First Lost/Stolen Card Free
Subsequent Exchange of Old Card or Lost/Stolen Card $10.00
VISA Credit Card Rush Order (2 Days)  $16.25
Replacement Statement Request $ 1.00/page
Research Statement More Than 2 Months Old or No Longer Accessible Online:
Produced During Working Hours $ 10.00/hr & 1.00/pg
Produced After Working Hours $ 25.00/hr & 1.00/pg
If a written statement is requested because a member feels there had been a mistake and any error found is the fault of the credit union, all research fees will be waived. N/A 
Wire Funds:
Within the USA $ 10.00
Outside the USA - wire may take up to 21 days to reach destination $ 30.00
Fax Service:
Incoming Free
Outgoing $ 1.00/pg
Travelers Checks:
Single Signature $ .50/$100.00
Dual Signature $ 1.00/$100.00
Gift Checks $ 2.00/Check
Other Fees: 
Money Orders (up to Max. of $1000) $ 1.00
Xerox Copies $ .10/pg

$4.00 summary report per vehicle

$9.00 detail report per vehicle 

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