The Credit Union makes loans to the members at low annual rates.  Click here for current rates.

Loans available:
  • Closed-end signature
  • New vehicle
  • Used vehicles
  • New motorcycle
  • Used motorcycles
  • New recreational vehicles
  • Used recreational vehicles
  • New boats
  • Used boats
  • Classic vehicles
  • Visa Credit Card

Credit Disability Insurance (CDI) is available to the borrower on all loans except the VISA credit card.  The insurance is added to the loan and paid monthly. The Credit Union also provides Loan Protection Insurance at no cost to the member.

Share Account - (Savings)
Minimum deposit of $5.00, dividends paid quarterly, and calculated on the daily balance.  The more you save, the higher the dividend that is paid.

Share Drafts - (Checking) No Minimum balance
Dividends are paid every month and calculated on the average daily balance.

Christmas Clubs
No withdrawals from a Christmas Club account before the pay-out date will be permitted.  If a withdrawal cannot be avoided, the member must take all funds from the account, forfeit any unpaid dividends, and will not be permitted to deposit to the account until October when the new club period begins again.

All Christmas Club accounts will be brought to a zero balance on the first business day of October each year.  The funds from the account will automatically transfer into the members's share (savings) account.  Dividends are paid every quarter and calculated on a daily balance.

Vacation Clubs
Withdrawals will be made upon request with a maximum of three per year.  Dividends are paid every month and calculated on an average daily balance. 
Share Certificate
Share Certificate accounts are offered in 6, 12, 24 and 36 month terms.  These accounts pay a higher dividend than our share accounts and require a minimum deposit.  Check our rate schedule for details.
VISA Credit Card
There are no annual fees in the Credit Unions VISA card program.
VISA Debit Card
Visa Check Cards are available upon completion of an application and free of charge by maintaining a share draft account.
Visa Check Cards look like a credit card but work like a check and the amount of purchase is deducted from your share draft account.
Visa Check Cards can be used where ever Visa is accepted and at an ATM machine for cash.
  • You have access to your share account at an ATM machine only.
  • Other fees may apply (fee schedule)

Your savings federally insured to at least $100,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government We do Business in Accordance with the Federal Housing Law and the Equal Housing Opportunity Act