Security & Fraud

Member Reminder

DO NOT RESPOND to email scams that ask for your account number & credit card number, and personal identification numbers. E-mail messages that ask for this type of information are fraudulent and should be reported immediately.

Morgantown AES Federal Credit Union will never contact you and ask for this information.

Introducing: Free fraud education from Liberty

Empower yourself and get the knowledge and tools you need to protect yourself against fraud!!

Click here to get started:

  • Interactive, easy-to -read online fraud protection learning center
  • Identity theft, check and credit card fraud, and other consumer scams explained
  • Tips and tricks that help protect against being a victim

Twelve Tips to Ensure Internet Security

  • Keep your computer secure and the access to it;
  • Don’t send credit card or account details by e-mail;
  • Reject any email that asks you to follow a link to a website and input account details for verification even if the website looks authentic,it’s probably a fake replica;
  • Make sure you log out of your online account when finished-especially at work,libraries and net cafés;
  • Deal only with established and reputable merchants;
  • Only make payments to secure websites-look for the padlock symbol in the bottom-right of your browser and click for details.
  • If using a new site: do business first in a small way;
  • Check your accounts and report discrepancies immediately
  • Ignore the “remember my password option” on ba