Share & Share Draft Accounts

Credit Unions are not-for-profit organizations whose purpose is to serve their members ra­ther than maximize corporate profits. Similar to banks, credit unions accept deposits, make loans, and provide many other financial services. But, at Morgantown AES Federal Credit Union, we encourage our members to do all of their business with us, providing a safe place to save and borrow at competitive rates.

We are founded on the principle of “people helping people” and have been helping mem­bers achieve their financial goals since 1955.

Choose MAES Federal Credit Union as the financial institution for your entire family! We offer accounts that appeal to all age groups, and once you’re a member everyone in your immediate family is eligible.

Credit unions and banks offer many accounts that have a number of similarities which might lead you to think they are essentially the same thing, but with different names. For example, a bank might offer a checking account while at Morgantown AES Federal Credit Union we offer a Share Draft account. Despite their similarities, there are significant differences between how these two types of accounts function.

Check vs. Draft

When you deposit money into a bank checking account you can withdraw those funds on demand, typically by writing a check.

When you deposit money into Morgantown AES Federal Credit Union share draft account, you are actually buying shares in the credit union! Your deposits are still your money and you are able to withdraw those funds in several ways.

Customer vs. Member

Deposits in a bank checking account represent a loan to the bank. The bank is a private commercial business, and you are the bank’s customer.

Deposits in a Morgantown AES Federal Credit Union share draft account buy shares in the credit union. Credit unions are cooperative savings institutions that are owned and operat­ ed by its members. When you buy shares in a credit union, you become a part-owner, you become our member!

MAES FCU share draft accounts carry lower fees and lower minimum balance requirements than bank checking accounts.


Check out our savings options below!

Regular Share Accounts

The Regular Share Account establishes your membership in the credit union. Once this account is open, members may utilize the other products and services offered at MAES! We encourage our members to do all of their financial business with us through competitive pricing of our products and offering convenience and friendly delivery of service.

General Account Information:

This account has a minimum opening balance of $25.00. The opening balance must remain in your account to maintain membership. Notary service fee is waived for members.

FREE – Mobilcint
FREE -Telephone Teller
FREE – eStatements
FREE – Mobile Banking
FREE – Remote Deposit Capture for qualifying members
FREE -VISA® Debit Card
FREE and unlimited usage of MAES ATMs; surcharges may apply at non-Network ATMs

Dividends are calculated and paid monthly based on your average daily balance. For any associated fees with this account, please refer to our Member Disclosures and Fee Schedule.

Second Share Accounts

Open a dedicated account to segregate funds for special purposes such as a vacation, a wed­ ding, home improvements, and even to pay expenses like taxes, etc. Click the link above for more information on our Second Shares account

Escrow Share Accounts

Escrow Accounts are established and controlled by the credit union for members who have mortgage loans with us. The funds in the account are used to pay taxes and/or insurance on the property.

Your MAES Federal Credit Union share account is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) with an aggregate share total up to $250,000 per depositor and ownership category.